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Skiers who should die in a zombie apocalypse. June 20, 2011

Posted by Wendy in Uncategorized.

I’m feeling a bit cranky today, so just go with it:

  • Anyone who takes someone on a slope way above their ability and tells them, oh sure, you can handle it; just go. This goes double for adults with little kids.
  • Parents who don’t wear ski helmets, even though they force their kids to wear them.
  • Anyone who spreads out all their stuff in a lodge to “save” a table for lunch.
  • People who don’t tip ski instructors.
  • People who swing their skis on the chair lift (when I’m sitting with them).
  • Anyone who skis too fast and out of control.
  • Anyone who collides with someone and doesn’t stop.
  • Anyone who smokes in a lift line.
  • Those who refuse to alternate in a lift line.
  • Skiers or boarders who block a trail.
  • People who don’t look uphill to see if anyone is coming before they take off.
  • Ski resort people who lie about snow conditions.
  • Inattentive lifties who don’t clean the snow and ice off a chair, or who don’t make sure the seat is in a down position.
  • Anyone who skis or boards with their pants around their knees.
  • Anyone who wears a thick wool hat (not a liner) under their ski helmet. It just looks dumb.
  • People who jump without first checking to see if anyone is in their landing zone.
  • Anyone who litters on the hill or who doesn’t clean up after themselves in the lodge. Slobs!

That does it. For now.

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2. kimkircher - June 20, 2011

Ha! My personal pet peeve are those that throw litter from the chairlift. And lifties that don’t wipe the chairs. And those that smoke in line.

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