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Swept away. August 29, 2011

Posted by Wendy in Off season stuff.
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Oh, Irene, you’re a tricky one. When all our attention was diverted to your path south and east of here, you sneaked inland and gave us a whump upside the head. I mean, since when are Vermont and hurricane used in the same sentence — except of course to say, “We never get hurricanes in Vermont”?

Right. Never. Until now.

Okay, Irene was a tropical storm when it got here. But it sure did a number on us. Torrential rains yesterday caused catastrophic flooding. Roads were destroyed, covered bridges swept away, towns and villages flooded.

Here are a few heart breaking images.

This is Ludlow, the town nearest me. The flooding is pretty typical throughout the state:

Here’s Route 7, south of Rutland:

Here’s Route 4, near Killington:

And here’s a remembrance of the covered bridge in Quechee, which was completely destroyed:

My heart is breaking for my beautiful state.

It’s going to be a long time before anyone can travel anywhere around here. Simple questions: how will we get groceries?  What about getting into town to get the mail?

And larger ones: how long will repairs take? What will this cost the state?

A lot needs to be sorted out. Right now the state is assessing the damage, seeing what needs to be done.

Thanks a lot, Irene.

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2. Wendy - August 29, 2011

I’ve been out today walking about, and the devastation is incredible. Related to skiing: two base lodges in Killington collapsed, and Route 4, the road that gets you to Killington, is completely washed away. That’s just a small portion of the destruction caused by Irene.

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4. Juliana Mazzocca - August 30, 2011

I feel with the Vermonters, My cousin a well-know artist has lived there very happily for fourty years.
With time, energy, hope and assistance from the government
you will return Vermont to what it is and will always be a beautiful quintessential old American state.
I plan on making a contribution the Vermont Red Cross.

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