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Ch-ch-changes! September 1, 2011

Posted by Wendy in Uncategorized.

The summer is typically a slow time for ski blogs and websites. So I generally view it as the perfect time to make changes, before the new season ramps up.

As part of this, I’ve re-located my blog and incorporated it into my newly redesigned website. You can find it here.

For those of you who’ve been subscribers, you’ll have to re-subscribe, but that’s very easy to do. Just submit your information on the new blog page. If you haven’t subscribed and want to (and I hope you do), you can do that, too.

While you’re there, take a look around! I think you’ll like what you see.


1. The Wisconsin Skier - September 5, 2011

Congratulations on your move over to what appears a self-hosted site! Step by step as they say!

Summer time for a ski site is a challenging time. I’ve made changes to my site as well this summer and am writing about things other than skiing. My photography and gardening are figuring big in my writing now, as well as other topics as they come up.

In addition, I am working on video production and upgrading a map I had pointing out the ski resorts in my region. However, my day job comes with a very long commute and that really curtails what I can do and when I can do.

Anyway, I’ll get you on the list of sites I endorse!

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